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Program Overview :

TTY INTERFACE is designed for submarine radio rooms to receive various Teletype broadcasts (i.e. SSIXS/BGIXS, OTCIXS, TADIXS-A, VERDIN, VALLOR and ELF) and translate them for storage on an IBM-PC or compatible computer. Fulfills many DMS requirements. A high-speed algorithm performs ITA-2 (Baudot) to ITA-5 (ASCII) conversion. This duplicates the effort of the Submarine Message Buffer (SMB) which is currently (and very slowly) being implemented in the fleet. Other uses include the ability to translate messages received via E-Mail and send them to message storage and retrieval programs such as MDU, MDS, and MTV. TTY INTERFACE is a SHAREWARE program.

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System Requirements :

Features in version 1.51 (03MAR1998): Features in version 1.50 (07DEC1997): Features in version 1.49 (12MAY1997): Features in version 1.47 (30APR1997): Features in version 1.45 (02APR1997): Features in version 1.44 (24FEB1997): Features in version 1.43 (03FEB1997):

The complete TTY INTERFACE Help Information, Revision History, and F.A.Q..

Program Details :

Download TTY INTERFACE 1.51b [03MAR1998]

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